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Food groups pdf

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the PDF version of these slides from the Training 2 folder on this CD-ROM.) ( Go over the five basic food groups with participants: grains; vegetables;. The main nutrients provided by these foods are carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Our body obtains varying amounts of these nutrients from . (HHS). It goes beyond the “basic four food groups” to help you put the Dietary Guidelines into action. The Pyramid is based on USDA's research on what foods .

Choose different varieties of foods from within each of the five food groups from day to day, week to week and at different times of the year. Eat plenty of plant. The Five Food. Groups and. Nutrition Facts. Session. 4. Eat Well & Keep Moving. From L.W.Y Cheung, H. Dart, S. Kalin, B. Otis, and S.L. Gortmaker, , Eat. Worksheet 1 | The Five Food Groups Circle 1. The Five Food Groups. Crunch&Sip School Resource Pack - 2nd Edition. Page 2. Worksheet | The Five Food.

Discover MyPlate • • May • FNS • USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. The Fruit Group. The Vegetable. chapter 5. Food Groups To Encourage. OVERVIEW. Increased intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fatfree or lowfat milk and milk products are likely. The recommendations for quantities consumed of different food groups in . The Food Groups were classified into Starchy foods; vegetables; fruits; Meats and. A balanced diet is one that includes foods from all food groups during the day. The quantities and proportions of these foods need to be such that they fulfil our.